Google Spam Update June 2024

by Harshad Ghodke

As an SEO consultant, keeping abreast of Google’s latest updates is essential to maintaining and improving a website’s search rankings. The most recent Google spam update rolled out in June 2024, marks another significant effort by Google to enhance the quality of search results by more effectively targeting spam and low-quality content.


Here’s a detailed look at what this update entails.

What is the June 2024 Spam Update?

The June 2024 spam update is a continuation of Google’s ongoing mission to improve search result quality by cracking down on spam and low-value content. This update includes several key enhancements:

  1. Enhanced SpamBrain Capabilities: Google’s AI-based spam prevention system, SpamBrain, has received significant upgrades. This improved system is now better equipped to identify and adapt to new spam tactics, making it more effective at detecting sophisticated spam methods that previously evaded detection.
  2. Reduction of Low-Quality Content: A major focus of this update is to reduce the amount of low-quality and unoriginal content in search results. Google has refined its core ranking systems to prioritise helpful, high-quality content while demoting pages that exist primarily to attract clicks without providing substantial value.​
  3. Targeting Scaled Content Abuse: The update strengthens policies against the creation of low-value content at scale, whether through automation, human effort, or a combination of both. This is aimed at reducing the presence of pages that falsely claim to answer popular search queries but fail to deliver meaningful information.
  4. Site Reputation Abuse: The update also addresses issues where reputable websites host low-quality content provided by third parties. This measure prevents the exploitation of well-ranked sites to manipulate search results by hosting spammy content.
  5. Expired Domain Abuse: Another significant aspect is the focus on detecting and penalizing the abuse of expired domains. Google now better identifies when expired domains are repurposed to manipulate search rankings by hosting low-quality or misleading content.

When Was Google Spam Update June 2024 Announced?

Google announced the rollout of this significant spam update in June 2024. This update follows a series of similar efforts by Google to maintain the integrity and quality of its search results, ensuring users receive the most relevant and helpful information possible.

Broader Context and Impact

This update is part of a broader trend where Google continually refines its algorithms to combat spam and low-quality content. The enhancements in SpamBrain and the updated spam policies reflect Google’s commitment to fighting against evolving spam tactics. The anticipated result is a cleaner, more user-focused search experience with higher-quality content surfacing more frequently.

By understanding these changes and how they affect search results, website owners and SEOs can better navigate the complexities of Google’s evolving algorithms. Staying informed about such updates is crucial for maintaining a strong online presence and ensuring compliance with Google’s quality standards.