No Contract SEO in Melbourne

by Harshad Ghodke

Most SEO agencies in Melbourne have a rule where they want business owners to sign a 6, 12, or 24 months contract. The word contract may scare away a lot of potential clients and yes even business owners nowadays do not want to get into the hassle of signing contracts.


What is an SEO Contract?

An SEO contract is a legal deal between the SEO provider and the client. As per this contract, the client decides to pay a monthly fee to the SEO provider or agency. The client cannot stop paying the SEO provider for the term of the contract.

For example, XYZ Pty Ltd. signs a contract with an SEO agency called ‘Best SEO Agency’ for 12 months. For any reason, if XYZ wants to stop availing SEO services from ‘Best SEO Agency’, they cannot do so. XYZ company cannot break the contract. Even if they want to, they will have to pay the entire contract fee to the SEO agency.

Why Do Business Owners Shy Away From Contracts?

No one on this planet can guarantee SEO results. Websites are ranked using various algorithms and these rankings cannot be changed by a human being. SEO takes time and this time depends on a lot of factors like keyword difficulty, competitors, website state, etc. Hence, some businesses may not get positive results as early as they expect them to get.

Assuming that the SEO agency cannot provide any results, business owners don’t want to spend more money with the SEO provider. But, just because they have signed a contract, they will have to pay for the full contract term. To save themselves from spending a lot of money with no results, some business owners stay away from SEO contracts.

What is a No Contract SEO Service?

A No Contract service does not involve a fixed term. The client can ask the SEO provider to stop all work so that they don’t have to pay any more monthly fees. Most SEO providers will ask for a month’s notice before cancellation so that they can plan things accordingly.

Conduce Media is an SEO consultancy that provides SEO services without any fixed contracts. This means that if you want to stop your services, you just let us know and we will stop working on your website.

Why Do SEO Agencies Have Fixed Contracts?

SEO is a long-term process where it takes time to get results. Most SEO agencies will put lots of effort into the first 3-4 months of the campaign. These efforts may give results in the later months.

To make sure that the efforts spent during the initial stages are monetised at a later stage, SEO agencies will want to have clients in a contract.

As a business owner and someone who is seeking SEO services, make sure you do your homework before signing any contracts. And even if you are ready to sign contracts, make sure you understand the full terms before signing anything.