Are you looking for an SEO Freelancer to increase traffic, leads and sales for your business website?

I am a highly experienced independent Melbourne based SEO Freelancer with over 15 years of industry experience. As an SEO professional, I have run SEO campaigns for well-known brands in Australia.SEO Freelancer

I have also worked as a Search Engine Optimisation specialist with SEO agencies in Melbourne to train marketing managers and provide expert strategies in the field of search engine optimization.

With my experience as a Freelance SEO consultant, I have experienced that every website and business is different and there is no “one size fits all” solution in SEO.

Every website has a unique history, goals and needs. Depending on your website, I will create an effective SEO strategy and roadmap that will help in increasing your organic search rankings, traffic and sales.

SEO Services Melbourne

Most SEO companies will talk about rankings in search engines and increasing traffic to your website, but not many focus on relevant high-quality keywords, relevant traffic, sales and conversions. Getting in front of your potential customers and increasing search engine visibility is only 50% of the entire job done. It’s important to get these potential customers to convert into your actual customers.

My main focus while working with any business is to increase leads and conversions and get a positive ROI. Hence, my SEO consulting service is ideal for business owners who are looking to take their business to the next level.

As a Freelance SEO consultant, I help business owners take the next step in their digital marketing efforts. This helps you to achieve your business objectives by planning and delivering the entire digital marketing strategy.

The entire Search Engine Optimisation process involves the following optimisation steps. The need and hierarchy of these steps vary from business to business.

The SEO Process

Technical Audit

A technical audit allows us to know the technical issues on the website. Fixing these issues is one of the most important steps in fixing SEO for any website.

Competitor Analysis

To beat your competitors, you need to know them! From a search perspective, every business or website ranks above your competitor. A complete study on how and why these websites rank is necessary to outrank them.

URL Optimisation

Most websites nowadays are mad using content management systems like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Squarespace, Wix etc. Every CMS has its own URL structure which might not be the best. Fixing the URL structure can move the needle and improve rankings.

Optimisation of Titles

Title tags are another important ranking factor and having search engine optimised title tags is very important. Page titles are usually the first thing noticed by search engine users. I will ensure that your title tags are optimised as per your target keyword which will improve your website’s ranking in search engines along with the click-through rate.

Content Optimisation

Content is the King and can be a game-changer when it comes to achieving a high ranking in search engine result pages. Hence, optimising the page content for the right keyword and intent is very important. Content should be created with search terms in mind and in a way that it answers the search query

Once the content is optimised, content marketing becomes a lot easy as it is now more visible on leading search engines.

Image Optimisation

The Google AI has the ability to read images. Having optimised images with proper tags, quality and size are important.

Structured Data

Structured data is a standardised and organised format used for providing information about a page to search engines. Ensuring properly structured data is highly recommended when it comes to optimising a page for popular search engines.

Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets are enhanced search results. Google chooses these snippets from a page which allows the page to look unique in search results. Rich Snippets help in increasing the click-through rate and hence should be implemented correctly.

Page Load Speed

Recently, Google has announced that page load speed and the Core Web Vital scores are ranking factors. Although not a major ranking factor, pages that load fast tend to have better conversion rates.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Getting traffic to a page is only half the battle won. This traffic needs to be converted. Implementing CRO techniques like A/B split testing, heatmaps, mouse flow etc. helps in increasing conversions on a page.


Although not as important as it was a few years ago, quality backlinks can move the needle when it comes to organic search engine rankings.

This article on the Search Engine Journal explains how quality content is important compared to quality backlinking.

SEO Reporting

Every client of mine gets a Google Data Studio report using which the client can view the report anytime. Apart from this, there is a monthly meeting to discuss the work-in-progress and results that have been achieved.


SEO Freelancer Vs SEO Agency

The main difference between working with an SEO freelancer or a consultant and an SEO agency employee is the number of clients an agency employee needs to handle.

The other most important difference is the experience that the SEO freelancer would have compared to an agency employee.

Why Work With Me?

I am a Digital Marketing expert and skilled SEO consultant working in this field since 2006. I work on understanding your business and the business goals that you want to achieve.

The services that I provide are beyond the basic SEO services provided by lots of local SEO agencies and consultants.

I take clients only when I am 100% confident of providing them with positive results. To know more about me and my experience, please check the about me page.


What SEO Packages Do You Offer?

As mentioned above, every website is different and hence there is no package system. My SEO consultancy process is different compared to typical SEO consultants or agencies. Hence, the cost can only be determined after auditing your current website and understanding your business goals.

Is SEO Better Than PPC?

Any form of advertising including pay per click requires paying for clicks. On the other hand, SEO is about getting organic search results and attracting organic traffic. Hence, the return on investment in SEO is better over a period of time.

Do You Have an SEO Team?

No. I am a single man team and do all the work myself.

Do You Only Provide SEO consultancy services?

I also work on other digital marketing channels like PPC, native ads and social media marketing.

Are There Any Fixed Period Contracts?

None of the services provided have a fixed monthly contract. Even the SEO services have no contract.

Where is Conduce Media based?

Conduce Media is based in Melbourne, Australia. I have done work for businesses based in various cities in Australia.


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